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About Dr. Hatcher

Trusted Governmental and Apostolic Voice

     Dr. Hatcher is the Senior Lead Pastor of Leaders Church Int'l (formerly known as IOMTC) in Tulsa, OK. He serves as a consultant to many Pastors, Apostles, and 5fold church leaders worldwide.  Dr. Hatcher has a wide and diverse background in ministry and he presents an Open Heaven with Power and Purpose to peoples all over the world.  


     Dr. Hatcher has worked with the Bureau of Prisons and is the founder of Color Free America (CFAM), an international reconciliation program. His work has been examined by universities and colleges in thirteen countries as well as being utilized in the United States public school system and educational systems in South Africa.  


     Serving as a Business Consultant and lecturer for colleges, high schools, and business organizations, Dr. Hatcher has also been previously appointed by the Kansas Governor to a state-commissioned task force and presently serves on many boards.


     Dr. Hatcher is accessible, real, and known for his pragmatic views and open heart. He is a dedicated family man who has been married for over 25 years to Pastor Cindy Hatcher.

     Relational grounding, doctrinal soundness, lateral and vertical accountability for divinely inspired growth are his specialties.   



Community Programs

Revolutionary and Effective

Joseph Effect is a non-profit organization that exists to provide life-altering mentoring to persons facing or already serving prison sentences. Through partnering with the criminal justice system The Joseph Effect connects skilled, caring, certified counselors with convicted offenders.


Through a program of mental architectural soul design the organization seeks to reclaim and reform the hearts and minds of convicts, with the goal of taking them from "Prison to Productivity".


The Joseph Effect has been utilized in schools, learning institutions, and communities where personal development and enhancement programs can aid the community and impact the development of its residents and constituents.


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